Shiny New Machines, Part II

27 Jan
May I just add that I am in love with the new Washer and Dryer?  Last night while Michael was at band, I was able to wash AND dry (and fold and put away) three whole loads of clothes.  This would have been impossible with the old machines, as it would have taken far too long for the clothes to dry to bother putting another load in the washer.  I normally hate folding and putting away clothes, but last night it was a novel joy to move so quickly from one stage to the next.
I had initially been disappointed with the EnerGuide rating of the new Dryer.  We actually never got a chance to see it before we bought it, and dryers are not EnergyStar rated because they all use about the same amount of power.  When the new Dryer was delivered, an EnerGuide tag was attached, and I was sad to see that the arrow on it was on the higher end of the scale.  Yesterday, however, I noticed that the range from lowest to highest power usage for dryers is so narrow, that it really doesn’t matter a lot where on the scale a dryer rates.
I had also been skeptical about the moisture sensor the Dryer is supposed to possess.  The instructions for the machine tell you that if you try a dryer setting and it doesn’t fully dry your clothes, to set it slightly to the left next time, or if it overdries, set it slightly to the right.  "Where," I thought, "is the evidence of there being a moisture sensor, if one has to set the dryer to just the right spot on the dial, anyway?"  Last night I got my answer when I heard the "cycle done" buzzer go off.  I went downstairs to find that the Dryer was actually still running.  The moisture sensor thought the load was done and it was telling me so, but it didn’t question my authority by actually stopping the machine from operating before I told it to.  Neat!  Dry on, my cubic slave!

One Response to “Shiny New Machines, Part II”

  1. Marian January 27, 2006 at 5:06 pm #

    Glad you\’re enjoying your appliances – my dryer also buzzes and keeps on going. However, it only does it three times and then turns off. I actually like that feature because I have been known to go out and forget (I know, I know, never leave a dryer running when you leave the house). It would be interesting to see if your machine does the same thing.

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