Wakeful in Whitehorse

16 Mar
I know I’ve been remiss in the blog department, although I’m sure most of you can forgive me for it.  Most days when I find myself with "free time" when Jade is sleeping, I go have a nap at the same time.
It’s hard to believe that Jade is already over 6 weeks old!  I’ve definitely been losing some sleep, but I know other new moms who are getting even less shut-eye than I am, so I won’t complain too much.  I haven’t even been keeping any notes these days, so I can’t do another mass update, but here are some of the significant events over the past 5 weeks:
  • Jade is now sleeping in her crib, in her own room across the hall from ours.  I had a bit of a meltdown when she hit 4 weeks old (lack of sleep coinciding with a period of Michael’s absence because of his need to attend to the many snow sculpting activities downtown) and decided we needed to help her learn how to get to sleep on her own.  Lots of days she still needs help falling asleep, but just having her in her own crib means we don’t get woken up by every sound she makes.  I still take her into beds once in a while in the mornings, though – the cuddle time is so nice! 
  • Unfortunately, she’s lost the nice little rhythm she had when we first brought her back from the hospital, where I could count on her to eat and then sleep in nice 2 or 3 hour cycles.  On the other hand, she spend much more time awake so we can play together!
  • On March 5th, Jade attended church for the first time and got introduced to the French congregation.  We spent much of the service in the "family room" because she needed to eat.
  • This past Tuesday (March 14th) I witnessed what I think was a "social smile" for the first time.  (That means a smile that’s not just actually a grimace in reaction to gas pain.)  My mom thinks Jade smiled at her even before that, but this was the first one I saw.  Mom was changing Jade’s diaper and Jade was looking at herself in the little mirror we have next to the changing pad.  I bent down and kissed her and then looked at her in the mirror and then a big smile appeared on her face!
  • Jade is growing  by leaps and bounds.  At last Wednesday’s "Weigh and Measure" clinic, she weighed in at 9 lbs 6.25 oz.  Yesterday, we were at the doctor’s office for her 6-week "well-baby" checkup, and she weighed 9 lbs 14.4 oz.  That’s a half a pound weight gain in one week!
  • Jade likes to hold conversations with us, today being the longest conversation yet.  I had placed her in her swing so that I could prepare some breakfast, and she kept making cooing, gurgling, and sighing sounds to me and my mom.  Quite the engaging conversationalist!

My mom’s been in Whitehorse since the beginning of the month and she’s been a saint, helping me eat balanced meals and changing diapers and cleaning.  Michael’s away for work for 2 weeks, and I know he would have been very uncomfortable about going if it weren’t for her being here to look after us.

Well, I have some work to attend to (gotta get the filing done so that we can do our taxes, and I’m trying to organize a little database to help Michael keep track of some of his work) so I’d better get on it while Jade is still sleeping…


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