Blast from the Past!

17 Mar
Wow!  I’ve been working like made on that database for Michael for the past few days, and I took a few minutes only today to actually "play" a little on the computer.  What do you know, but my sister hooks me up into an MSN conversation with a friend from high school!  It was so fun to hear from him again (hi Fred!)  I love "reunions"!
I took Jade out for a walk today (with Nanuq and Fleece, the dog from next door) and, as usual, I had Jade in my amauti.  I was thinking all about my friends from Inuksuk High School and how I’ve recently been back in touch with a couple of them.  What a coincidence that I connected with yet another one today!
For those who want to know, yes, it HAS been cold in Whitehorse lately – at least in the mornings.  The temperature at 8:30 this morning was -34.5.  When I went for my walk at noon, it was all the way up to -21, which is quite pleasant.  It’s been gloriously sunny all week, which makes all the difference.  It even gets to be about 27 degrees in our living room – a great place to bask in the sun.

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