Access 2000 Purgatory

19 Mar
My right shoulder is moaning but I emerge victorious from the depths of database . . . well, hell is too strong a word.  I have finished that project of Michael’s I’ve been working on – hooray!  So instead of relaxing with my new book (The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger), I’m spending yet more time on the computer.  It’s been forever since I’ve read anyone’s blogs.  My friend Rachelle recently started one, and I’m green with envy after reading it, since witticisms seem to pour from her fingertips effortlessly; I wish my blog were always so fun to read.
Jade is napping peacefully in the cradle in the kitchen, having been sent to the land of Hypnos by being bundled into a baby sausage and stuffed into my amauti for a walk this afternoon.  Yes, all is calm in the house, and so I can stop stressing about Michael’s work and start stressing about getting our tax returns done . . .

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