An entry about something other than babies

20 Mar
The big event today was a trip to the vet’s office.  Crook and Nanuq were both due for their annual vaccinations, so I called my friend Marusia and asked her to recommend a vet in Whitehorse.  She not only made an excellent recommendation, she even came and collected me and all my creatures and chauffeured us there.  (Michael has our vehicle in Nahanni Butte, so moving animals is not exactly self-evident.)
I mentioned to the vet that Crook had suddenly started refusing food last week, although he was back to normal after a few days.  She told me to keep an eye on him and if he stops eating again at any time, I would be asked to take a urine sample.  Yes, that’s right.  Now, I’m used to peeing in a cup by now, after all the prenatal checkups (oops! Baby got into the post after all!) but I really couldn’t picture Crook cooperating with me for that kind of procedure.  Apparently, the vet can supply a sort of plastic litter material that doesn’t absorb or clump the urine, and then one uses a syringe to suction up a sample.  Wow, I’ll bet getting a canine urine sample isn’t so simple.
The vet also prescribed some antihistamines for Nanuq, since he’s not breathing too well with his allergies.  Actually, it’s a steroid-antihistamine combo that he was on once before, but no one really likes the idea of his being on steroids in the long term.  The vet suggested using this for a couple of weeks to clear things up for him, and then we’ll try switching to a pure antihistamine that he would take once or twice a week.  Unfortunately, only about 10% of dogs respond to an antihistamine without steroids – so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he’s one of the lucky few.
The other highlight today is that I started working on our tax returns.  So far it looks better than I had anticipated, although I seem to be missing some T4s, so I’ll need to make some phone calls tomorrow.  Woo hoo – there’s nothing like doing taxes to get a gal all entertained and such.  Actually, that reminds me of a picture I once saw in a "Playgirl" magazine of Ursula’s…

One Response to “An entry about something other than babies”

  1. Nemmy March 22, 2006 at 4:05 am #

    Hahahahaha!! *sniff* hahaha… I remember that Playgirl. That was some funny stuff. Sorry about poor Nanuk and Crook. Hope they feel better soon!

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