Be thankful if you have a good boss – and – Cooking lesson exchange

22 Mar
Yesterday should have been a day of happy reunions.  A friend of mine who just had a baby was supposed to fly into Whitehorse for a few hours and I was going to go down and meet her (and the baby).  The trip was cancelled pretty much last-minute and since the issue was work-related and I don’t want anyone to get dooced, let’s just say that those of us who have good bosses should thank our lucky stars.
The afternoon was still fun, since Marusia came for a dumpling-making lesson from my mom.  I never really formally learned to make them from her, so I picked up a few tricks, too.  We also all learned that varying techniques (i.e. my way, which is less elegant but easier – LOL) can produce equally tasty results.  Marusia took home a tray of dumplings for supper and promised to return on Friday afternoon to teach us how she makes her Vietnamese rolls.  What’s more rewarding than a lesson with an edible prize at the end?

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