Belated posting

26 Mar
Here’s a blog entry I wrote a few days ago, but my Internet connection wasn’t working at the time:
March 24, 11:22 p.m.
Jade and I had an exciting morning.  After her first feed of the morning, I sat with her on an exercise ball and made faces at her.  I’d stick my tongue out and she’d smile her big laughing smile.  I’d blink my eyes hard, and she’d smile even more.  After a while, she started imitating me by sticking out her tongue whenever I stuck mine out.  We were both so entertained!
Mom and I spent the afternoon making cold Thai rolls with Marusia as teacher.  Although a lot of prep work is involved in making them, they’re a taste sensation, especially with the coconut-peanut sauce that goes with them.  Mmm!  My friend Caroline came for supper with her hubby and her one-year-old daughter, and they all seemed to enjoy the rolls, as well.  It was a busy day for all of us and I am really ready for bed now, so off I go.

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