Michael is a big fat liar

26 Mar
Yesterday morning I got a call from Michael.  He sounded awful.
"I’m in Fort Nelson," he told me.  That didn’t sound good, since Fort Nelson is not on the way back from Fort Liard to Whitehorse.
"Oh, no!" I said.  "Why?"
With that he informed me that he’d had a tire blow out; fortunately, he was near the junction of the Liard and Alaska Highways at the time, so he put on the spare and limped into Fort Nelson and to the Kal Tire dealership.  We bought new tires this summer and they’re under warranty.  Unfortunately, the size of tire we need for the car had to be shipped from Grande Prairie, and so he wouldn’t be home until Tuesday.  I was so sad!  With Jade changing every day, two weeks with him away has felt so long.
Later on in the afternoon, he called and said there was good news and bad news.  The good news was that they were able to figure out why the tire had blown out.  Apparently it had gotten a really bad scrape that weakened the tire enough that it blew out on the wind-y last bit of the Liard Highway.  Bad news, one of the back tires had also gotten damaged.  More bad news, the extra tire had to be shipped from Edmonton, delaying his return until Wednesday.  Good news, he’d found someone from Fort Liard who could take him back there to wait out the time.
Still later in the afternoon, I heard Nanuq running around excitedly upstairs (I was burping Jade on the couch in the basement).  I figured it was Rachelle from next door coming to collect the dog for a walk, so I headed up the stairs to make sure he had his collar.  Well, who was at the door but that lying husband of mine!  His Fort Nelson call had actually been made from the Liard Hotsprings, and the second call was from Watson Lake.  I almost wasn’t glad to see him, the cad… almost!

One Response to “Michael is a big fat liar”

  1. Unknown March 30, 2006 at 6:04 pm #

    Oooooh! The little so-and-so! He must have been really proud of himself for that.

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