Progress and Regress

13 Apr
Monday night we had a small victory of parenthood – Jade slept from 11
p.m. to 6 a.m.!  Of course, she hasn’t done it again since then,
but, hey, it’s a start.  She does regularly go from 11 to 5
already – I’m so grateful to her for being such a good sleeper. 
On the nights where I actually have to get up twice, I realize how easy
it is to get used to getting more sleep!

Today Jade’s right eye has been oozing yellow gunk and clear, sticky
fluid all day.  She also has a mild fever and has been very sucky
– she slept in her crib twice, but not for very long.  Most of the
day, I’ve just been nursing and cuddling her – not much activity except
for diaper changes.  Michael thinks she might have pink eye, and
since no doctor’s office will be open tomorrow, we may need to take her
to the hospital.  Poor little girl – she’s been quite a good
patient so far. 

I wonder how well she’ll sleep tonight after sleeping practically all day?


One Response to “Progress and Regress”

  1. Meandering April 13, 2006 at 10:21 pm #

    If she\’s up all night, at least she was good enough to do it on a long weekend.

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