All Better?

14 Apr
I have commented to some before that I’m amazed at how quickly Jade’s
skin heals; she regularly scratches herself with her fingernails, as I
can’t seem to keep up with them, and it seems the scratches are
completely gone within a few days.  We were able to avoid a trip
to the hospital because Jade’s eye seems to have cleared up by itself –
I guess it wasn’t pink eye.  It was still a little watery earlier
today, and she was really fussy this morning because she was having
trouble breathing (stuffy nose), but both the eye and the nose are just
fine now, and she’s not being fussy anymore either.  If this was a
cold, it was an remarkably quick recovery.


One Response to “All Better?”

  1. Unknown April 16, 2006 at 12:58 pm #

    She might just have a blocked tear duct.  Laura had blocked tear ducts all the time when she was that young.  Just wet a baby washcloth with warm water and wipe from the inner corner of her eye outwards.  If it\’s crusty, just let the washcloth be on her eye for a couple of minutes.
    Hope all is well!  Happy Easter!!!
    Love, Amanda, Steph & Laura

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