Crazy Yukon Easter

15 Apr
A lot of snow fell last night.  Most of our winter snow had pretty
much melted away last week, but it all came back – and then some! –
with a vengeance last night.  Michael had left a garbage can
(containing dog poo – eww) out at the end of our yard, and it was
almost entirely buried in snow.  The barbecue appears to be
wearing a hat.  The raised garden beds have once again been
completely obscured.  My heavy-duty winter boots that go up almost
to my knees and that have 3-inch-thick soles still aren’t high enough
to keep the snow from my socks.  If I threw the baby out with the
bathwater, I wouldn’t find her until spring.

Michael got up (finally! *winks*) when I told him about the snow. 
He was going to make breakfast, but I thought it was a good idea to get
the driveway shovelled out first, since we’re going out tonight. 
Besides, Nanuq was playing with Fleece, the neighbour’s dog, and Joanne
was almost finished shovelling out her driveway – if Michael went out,
the dogs would be able to play together for longer.

So I offered to make breakfast (fresh-baked cranberry scones), while
Michael went out and shovelled not only our driveway, also that of the
neighbour on our other side.  When he came in, Joanne also came to
partake of the scones (with real butter and my mom’s delicious plum
jam) and had a nice visit with Jade, who charmed Joanne’s socks off by
gurgling and laughing and cooing at her.

This afternoon, I went out with Nanuq for 20 minutes to enjoy the snow
and the sunshine – the first time I’ve been outside in two days. 
Nanuq and I both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

What a delightful Easter weekend this is turning out to be!


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