The ever-changing Jade

18 Apr
My friend Janet is a nurse and when I was describing Jade’s symptoms to her (where her eye was leaking yellow goo and watering a great deal) she told me Jade probably had a blocked tear duct, a common occurence in young children up to the age of about 1.  You treat it by regularly cleaning away the secretions, which I happened to have done.  That would explain the sudden and complete recovery.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a label on things.

Jade has been working on getting her fingers into her mouth for the past few weeks; she’s just developing the coordination to manage it.  This morning when I went to get her from her crib, she had her right thumb in her mouth, and the rest of her fingers spread out on her left cheek.  Way to go, Jade!
In other news, we had two really nice long nights this week: two days in a row where Jade slept from around 11:30 or midnight until 7:30 in the morning.  The last two nights weren’t quite as successful, but we’ve had some really busy days that interuppted her evening feeding schedule, and she still managed 6 hours each night, so she’s doing really well.
She’s getting much better at following objects with her eyes and is fascinated by people and the toys on her play mat.
Yesterday we also tried her in her Jolly Jumper (from Garrett and Muriel) for the first time.  We’re still fine-tuning the fit, but she’s got the head control and we’ll probably be able to start using it regularly sometime soon.

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