Sunny Days

25 Apr
I love that Lighthouse song.  Nothing says summer like blasting that song on the car stereo with the windows and moon roof open.  Not that it’s summer just yet.  But it has been awfully nice out.
I haven’t been great about the blog lately even though Jade has been sleeping 7 hours most nights (and 8 on some nights!) somehow there have been too many things to do.  The good news is that my desk is somewhat clean after I spent some time doing filing yesterday.  There’s still more to do, but at least now I can see all the cat hair on my desk instead of just all the paper with cat hair on top.
Michael has proposed going to Fort Liard for a month.  While I’d love to go back there for a visit, the idea of being away from home (and the bed and the CRIB!) for a whole month just seems exhausting.  What about the pets? I ask.  We’ll take them with us, says Michael.  What about not having any furniture? comes next.  We can take camp chairs and an inflatable mattress, a few pots and pans….  Phew!  I think we’ll need the roof carrier just to fit everything into the car. 
There definitely needs to be some negotiation on this one!

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