Hair Everywhere

27 Apr
It must be spring: Crook and Nanuq are shedding like nobody’s business.  Thank goodness we learned a trick a few weeks ago that makes vacuuming hair much easer: spray the rug with Static Guard.  You wouldn’t believe how much cleaner the floors are.
A couple of days ago, I noticed a circle of short dark hairs when I was taking Jade out of her crib.  Oh no, I thought.  I figured Crook would stay out of there since his encounter with the masking tape.
I took Jade over to the changing pad to put a clean diaper on her.  That’s when I noticed that the receiving blanket we keep there (so her head doesn’t have to be on a cold surface) was also covered in short dark hairs.  What the . . . ?
And that’s when I realized that my baby girl sheds hair just like her mama.  For once, Crook was falsely accused.

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