How to put a baby to sleep.

30 Apr
[Michael is typing as I dictate because I am feeding Jade.  He is so wonderful.]

So after having so much trouble getting Jade to bed last night, she
ended up sleeping for eight solid hours and so I felt much better
today.  She also had a solid nap this afternoon (first really good
one in days).  Michael and I seem to have discovered a perfect way
to put Jade to sleep:  take her to a musical.

Our neighbour across the street, Brianna, was in the chorus of a
production of Cole Porter’s "Anything Goes".  I’ve never seen the
show but I like the music from it and so when I learned there was a
production of it, I decided that by hook or by crook I would go see
it.  I had big reservations about taking Jade with us, but she’d
been very good at Michael’s concerts and all we could do was try.

Jade loved it!  She nursed at the very beginning but then actually
watched most of the show.  She seemed fascinated by the dancing
bodies and lively music.  Towards the end, as it was nearing
10:30, Michael was up at the sidelines rocking her and she actually
fell asleep.

She was a perfect lady and Michael and I both enjoyed the show.


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