8 May
Well, Michael’s off to Edmonton for the "Meet the North" conference which runs from Monday to Wednesday.  On Thursday, he’s off to Yellowknife to take a course for his economic developer’s certification.  He’ll be back next Friday afternoon, just in time for the start of a visit from our friends Chris and Jenn and their two kids!  In the meantime, I’m on my own with Jade (and Crook and Nanuq, of course, but they’re not much help with the dishes, either).
Michael had to be at the airport at 8:15 a.m., but Jade was just about to nurse, so he drove himself down and left the car there for me to pick up.  I walked to the airport with Jade and Nanuq (it’s a 20-ish minute walk); I was somewhat stressed out because I’d forgotten to get Michael to put Jade’s carseat in before he left, so I had her in the carseat and put the carseat in the stroller, but it didn’t really fit very well.  Nanuq was hyper because it was his first walk of the day and I had to keep yelling at him not to pull on the leash; if he pulls and I forget to let go of the stroller, he could tip everything over.  Plus, we had to cross the Alaska Highway.  Whew!  Fortunately, we all made it safely, though Nanuq was not impressed with the quality of that particular walk.
On getting home, I called my neighbour Tammy and invited her dog Brandy to come over to play with Nanuq to make up for the miserable walk.  The dogs had a nice visit (and so did the humans), but it still didn’t seem to quite cut it for Nanuq.
So this evening after supper, we had another walk.  I decided to strike out northwards in the greenbelt and explored a few trails I hadn’t tried before (to my knowledge, anyway, but sometimes it all looks the same to me!) and managed to find my way home again, so I’m quite proud of myself.  We were out for about an hour and Nanuq seemed much happier afterward.  Jade fell asleep, as usual.
It was a pretty nice day, but it would have been much nicer with Michael home to share it.  I miss him extra since we had such a good day yesterday.  It was his birthday (his 29th!) and even though he went to the recycling depot and also picked up dog poop, he said he had a great day because he got to decide what to do when he wanted to do it – including NOT doing the dishes, of course.  (I did them today – blagh!)  Anyway, it was a good birthday, and even Jade celebrated by blurping (heavily) on him twice, and once on me, a record for her, and great for trying out all the new sleepers Nai Nai sent us a couple of weeks ago.
It’s so strange that Michael’s so close to 30; I was 18 and he was 19 when we first met, and 30 seemed so far away!
Okay, maybe I should have categorized this posting as "Random Thoughts" rather than "Life Updates" because I am meandering all over creation.  That’s what I get for attempting to be coherent at 12:30 in the morning…

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