Bed before midnight?

10 May
I put Jade to bed a bit earlier today so I might actually get to bed myself before midnight.  I’ve been afraid to ruin the sleeping through the night by making bedtime earlier, but Jade was pretty tired tonight, not having had a single really good nap all afternoon or evening.  If she gets up a little earlier I figure I can handle it; these past few nights she’s slept from around midnight until 8:00 or 8:30 in the morning.  (Yay!)
I got woken up by the phone this morning but I was happy because it was a good phone call.  I don’t want to jinx it by giving all the details before all the papers are signed but we just actually be selling the house in Fort Liard.  I know we thought that before, but this time seems really promising, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
I had tea with Cathy this evening (the woman across the street with whom I lived during my first two weeks in Whitehorse).  It’s vital for me to either have someone over or to get out to see someone at least once a day; without Michael around, I’ll go nuts if I’m totally by myself (with Jade, of course) for an entire day.  If it weren’t for the constant baby care, I’d be okay, but when I spend most of my day holding monologues in a high-pitched voice, I’ve just gotta get some balance at some point!
I added about 20 new pics to the "Pictures for Papa III" photo album – it was a good day for pictures, although I’m still not getting good clear shots when I’m zoomed in on Jade.  But I’m learning!

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