The bluebird of happiness

10 May
I think this was a name of a movie that starred Judy Garland, but I’m mentioning it because yesterday and today I saw one!  In our meanderings through the greenbelt, Jade, Nanuq, and I are intent on different things, but the highlight of my walk yesterday afternoon (and again this morning) was spotting a bright blue bird.  It was a saucy thing that let me get pretty close to it.  It would perch on one thing, then swoop off it and then up onto another perch not too far away.  Except for the odd blue jay, I’ve never seen another bird with such brilliantly blue plumage before; it was stunning and really stood out in the field of yellow grasses.
Marusia was over this afternoon and when I told her about it, she said she had heard we have "Mountain Bluebirds" in the area.  I looked that up on the trusty Internet, and that does seem to be a good suspect.  Here’s the description from
This species has longer wings and a more graceful, swallow-like flight than the Eastern Bluebird. Mountain Bluebirds usually travel in small parties. They frequently hover low over the ground and drop down to catch insects, or dart out from a branch, flycatcher fashion, and then return to another perch.

description 7" (18 cm). Male pure sky-blue above, paler blue below, with a white abdomen; female similar, but duller and grayer.

That sounds like him all right!
Photo credit:
The photo is by Larry Ditto and comes from the same website as the description above.

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