Naptime and Baby Dreams

12 May
Well, Jade’s down for her third nap of the day, and the second one for which she put herself to sleep.  (One of them happened while I was walking Nanuq.)  I don’t like the idea of the "cry it out" method, but I put her down when she was tired and fussy and kind of moaning but now full-on crying.  When I put her down in the crib I told myself I would leave her for at least two minutes.  It sounds ridiculous, but I was ready to run back in after about 15 interminable seconds.  (Okay, more like 10.)  However, I persevered.  I talked myself through by reminding myself that when she makes these particular noises, she actually seems more upset when I go to pick her up, as if I were forcing her back awake when she was on her way to sleep.  After two minutes, she wasn’t asleep, but she was much quieter.  It took about six minutes for her to actually close her eyes and lie still.  I just heard another little moan, but now all is quiet again.  It certainly is amazing how long a few seconds can seem!
Yesterday we were napping together on the couch.  It was nice and peaceful and Jade was in nursing position, so every once in a while she would partially wake up, latch on, and then fall back asleep again.  Around 4:30, she suddenly started crying; it was strange because the cry she was making was one I rarely hear, the one she does when something startles or scares her.  I think it took nearly an hour before she was really herself again, during which time I thought about what could have made her cry like that.  It made me wonder if she’d had a bad dream.
This thought made me wonder if babies can tell the difference between the dream world and the waking one.  They make such developmental leaps and bounds in their first few months, I wonder how long does it take for them to recognize the difference?

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