Happy Mother’s Day to me!

14 May
I totally forgot it was Mother’s Day weekend until I was out at some stores yesterday – with all the signs everywhere it was hard to miss!  My first Mother’s Day and it’s just me and Jade.  I vacuumed and picked up dog poo, but I also talked to a bunch of moms (mine, Michael’s, Granny, and Lindsay) and Jade is actually having GOOD naps today, so I took the opportunity to lie on the bed and peruse a Sears catalogue instead of doing dishes.  I know that doesn’t sound so exciting, but I find it relaxing, anyway!   Brianna from across the street showed up at the door about an hour ago with two pieces of homemade pie (the first one she’s ever made by herself, filled with hand-picked local berries, no less).  She thought she’d share the pie with me in honour of Mother’s Day.  Oh yes, and Michael sent me a pot of flowers, too, so even though he couldn’t be here, he did what he could.  Sounds like a good day to me!

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