Jumpin’ and jivin’ baby

14 May
Jade had quite a good day today.  Unlike Friday, which was notable for her four copious blorping episodes that required me to wear four different outfits (and two for her), today was filled with more praiseworthy accomplishments.
I already mentioned that she had good solid naps instead of the catnaps she had over the last few days; I didn’t really take advantage of them to do anything productive (and we’ve got company on Friday – whoops!) but I made some indulgences for me.  I figure it’s a good way to celebrate Mother’s Day.
In the afternoon, I put Jade on my lap and sat down at the piano to do a few songs with her; we usually do this every couple of days.  She balances on my lap and leans on my arm while I play and sing.  After a few songs, I help her to bang on the keys a bit.  Well, today she seemed to be reaching over to the keys, so I stopped partway through my first song ("There’s a Hole in the Bucket") and put her a little closer to the keyboard.  She pushed and patted at the keys, and I was thinking about how I’d be blogging that she just needs to gain a little strength, when she actually produced a note!  After that, it was like she’d figured out how hard she had to hit the keyboard, so she banged away a litte more.  She didn’t get notes every time, but I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing!
Later, I decided to try her in her Jolly Jumper again; I’ve tried a few times in the past, but never got the thing adjusted just right.  We have a lack of doors with doorframes in the house and the first few doors I tried weren’t ideal – the office door has uneven moulding on either side, and the bedroom doors have uneven floors where the hardwood rounds down to the vinyl flooring.  Today, I used the bathroom door and it was perfect!  It took Jade a few minutes to figure out what she could do in the Jolly Jumper, but once she did, she did some pretty good dancing.  I took a little video on the camera, but I don’t know if I caught any of her good moves.  If it’s any good, perhaps Michael can figure out how to post it on his Blogspot blog.
Anyway, between the music and the dancing, I think Jade’s on her way to auditioning for her first musical.
I also noticed today that with her hair getting longer and the clockwise whorl she has at the back of her head, she is now developing a part in her hair (on her left side).  I wonder how long before I can start playing with hairstyles.  (Besides her "faux-hawk", as Marusia calls it, which she often sports after baths.)
Yep, it was a good day.

One Response to “Jumpin’ and jivin’ baby”

  1. Valerie May 15, 2006 at 10:59 am #

    Happy Mother\’s Day, Fawn. I told you on our rafting trip down the Nahanni River when you sang, hat one day you\’ll share your beautiful voice with your baby. I\’m sure if you sing to her, she\’d enjoy it very much.
    Hugs and kisses, luv Valerie

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