Boiling mad (but not angry)

15 May
I made a discovery today – it’s not a good idea to try to sterilize teething rings by boiling them.  Everything else we own for baby that is meant to go into her mouth specifically says to sterilize them before initial use by boiling for two to five minutes.  Well, the two teething rings I had didn’t last 30 seconds in the boiling water.  Oops.  I guess I’ll have to go get a couple more.  Apologies to the folks who gave us those teething rings!
The reason I was going to clean up the teething rings is that Jade has taken to chewing.  Well, as close as she can get to chewing with her toothless gums.  For example, she almost always has some part of one of her hands in her mouth.  She never sucks them, though, she CHEWS them.  And she also chews on my fingers when I sit her up; when she sits, I support her by holding her hands.  She pulls my hand over to her mouth and gums my fingers happily (until she inadvertently slips and gags herself on them, of course).  I don’t think she’s actually teething, but she seems to like the feeling, so I figured teething rings would be a good safe thing to provide her oral-exploration pleasure.  I guess she’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that experience, though.

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