Early to bed…

15 May
It’s 11:00 and Jade’s already been in bed for half an hour.  Wow!  She set a personal record last night by sleeping from 11:15 until 9:00 this morning.  I guess she needs more rest at night now, so when she started getting fussy around 10:00 tonight, we started her bedtime routine.  If I play my cards right, I’ll even go to bed before midnight.
Today was a beautifully sunny day.  I met up with a fellow mom, Lise, to go for a walk in the greenbelt.  Her daughter was born just two weeks before Jade was.  When she’s not on mat leave, she works for the same government department as Michael, and I met her once before our babies were born but didn’t really get a chance to talk to her.  We’ve since seen each other a couple of times at "Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies" (you know, I think I’ll just start writing HMHB for that thing…) and since we discovered we’re in "neighbouring neighbourhoods", so to speak, we thought it would be a good idea to meet up once in a while and walk our dogs and babies together.  Today Lise drove over and showed me the trail that leads to her neighbourhood so that we can meet on the trail for future walks.
It was such a gorgeous day and the company was good and our walk was over far too quickly, but her daughter was getting a bit tired of the activity so it was time for her to go home.  We both agreed that it would be fun to make these walks a regular event.  Hurray!  I know a certain canine member of the family won’t be sad to hear it!
I also realized today how neglected poor Crook has been.  He’s been driving me crazy since Michael left; with the nice weather, he’s been wanting to go outside, and the two times I’ve let him out on the leash haven’t been enough to satisfy his appetite for fresh air.  But indoors, he doesn’t get any attention either, except when I’m scolding him for yowling or doing something he shouldn’t do – like today when he again used Jade’s crib drawer for a bed.  (I was shocked because he’s been really good about staying out of the nursery.  However, I think he deliberately does more bad things when he’s feeling lonely.)  He got two good whacks for that escapade and then I felt really terrible.  I imagined Jade getting completely neglected with future children in the picture (ha!ha! as if she’ll let me get away with that!) and realized just how little cuddle time Crook has had with Michael away.  Actually, I think his litter box has gotten more attention than he has lately,  but I don’t want a cat on my lap when there’s a baby on it.  So after Jade went to sleep, I sat down with him tonight and gave him a little one-on-one time.  Ten minutes really isn’t that much, but it’s a start.
Hurry home, Michael!  We all miss you!

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