Good vibrations…

15 May
I forgot to tell Michael when I was on the phone last night, so I’m posting about it here.  Last night when I was putting Jade to bed, I was giving her her last feeding, as usual.  However, she kept popping off the breast and popping back on, which usually indicates a burp needs to get out.  I picked her up to put her on my shoulder, but she so wanted to keep sucking that she moved her head over and started sucking on my jaw!  It lasted only a couple of seconds because it really tickled and the very idea made me laugh out loud.  (We got the burp out right then, too.)
My neighbour Cathy was over tonight and I told her about it.  We laughed about it and I said no one’s ever sucked on my jawbone before and I really don’t think I’m that anxious to have anyone repeat it for me.  She laughed and said, "Well, maye Michael could do it, in a different context."  But somhow, I think that the presence of teeth would make it a whole different experience.

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