Sleepy Babe

16 May
Today was a great day with Jade!  The highlight of the day was the long walk we took: we went all the way around the tank farm, which is a fenced in area where the American used to have tanks to store fuel when they were here building the Alaska Highway.  It’s quite enormous, and I imagine that even then, it couldn’t have been used solely for fuel storage.
I decided to continue along the fence, as Lise had told me that’s what I should do if I want to walk to Valleyview (the neighbouring neighbourhood); I thought I’d see how far a walk it was.  Well, carrying 14 lbs of baby, I found it to be a bit of a hike!  I didn’t actually get to Valleyview because when I reached the far end of the tank farm I decided I wanted to follow the perimeter instead of continuing northward; I wanted to be able to say that I had walked all the way around it…and now I can!
Jade fell asleep about half an hour into our walk; she can’t seem to keep her eyes open in that Snugli!  When we got home an hour or more later, I put her down in her crib.  Usually she stays asleep for about 2 minutes if I put her down after a walk, but today she kept sleeping for several hours.  I was able to cook dinner, prepare a dish for lunch tomorrow, AND fold and put away all that clean laundry I mentioned in my last post.  Wow, it’s amazing what you can get done during a decent baby nap.  And when Jade has a nice long nap like that, she wakes up smiling – it just doesn’t get any better than that!
After supper, I thought I should run to the grocery store because there will be a four-year-old over at lunchtime tomorrow and I’m almost out of milk.  It was surprisingly busy, but it was fun waiting in line to pay, if you can believe that.  For one thing, the line moved pretty quickly, but the fun part was all the attention Jade got from other kids in line.  In front of us was a little girl of probably 18 or 24 months.  She was sitting in the cart as her mom put their purchases on the conveyor belt.  She wiggled in excitement when she saw Jade’s car seat and said, "Baby!"  Her mom held her up so that she could see the baby; she wanted to touch Jade, too, but thankfully her mom wouldn’t let her.  (Her hand was covered in melted chocolate from the cookie she was eating!)  The folks behind us had a girl of about 3 or 4, who also wanted to look at the baby.  He dad was holding her and he said, "Do you want to take the baby?"  (The mom scolded him for saying that, ha ha!)  I said they would have to find another baby to take home because I kind of liked this one.  The little girl said she wanted to take the baby to daycare!  That made me laugh!
We had a busy evening because Jade got hiccups that wouldn’t go away and she was getting frustrated.  I took the desperate measure of administering her vitamin D, which she hates, and so she got even more upset and then she threw up.  The doctor told me at our last visit to keep trying to give it to her, but really, when it gets her that upset, I feel entirely like quitting.  Happily, because she got milk (and probably most of the vitaming D) all over her neck and chest, I decided she’d better have a bath before her bedtime massage.  As soon as I put her in the bath, she gave me a huge smile: her world was whole again!  I’m excited to see if she’ll enjoy the swimming "lessons" we’re starting  next Wednesday.  I hope she doesn’t mind the pool water temperature – she’s only ever been in warm water.
Tomorrow will be busy.  Anissa has the day off, so she thought she’d come over with the makings of breakfast and dine with us first thing; that will be fun!  Then there’s lunch with Brenda and her two daughters aged 4 and 10 months.  After that – whew! – Jade and I may both need a nap!

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