Busy Days

22 May
Sorry for going on hiatus, there, folks.  I had an emotional few days and didn’t feel like being on the computer, but then Michael came home, which was like having the sun come out again.  The same day Michael came back, Chris, Jenn, Elliott, and Kyra came for a quick visit (arrived on Friday, left on Sunday) so the next couple of days were jam-packed!
The visit was great, though I can hardly believe how much we squeezed into two days!  Saturday we drove to Skagway, Alaska; this is the longest drive we’ve ever done with Jade, and it was a good learning experience for me in terms of learning how to get her to sleep without nursing her!  We took a very scenic train ride up to the White Pass – this was one of the routes that goldseekers took to the gold fields back during the Klondike Gold Rush (starting in 1898).  There’s so much history in this area, though as one of our friends pointed out, it’s a very condensed history that covers a relatively short period of time. 
Along the way, I think Michael got Elliott hooked on geocaching; we stopped near the Canada-US border so I could nurse Jade and they could go looking for a cache.   I got a much better appreciation for the educational value of geocaching while Michael was explaining it to Elliott in the van.  Just think, you can learn concepts of orienteering, longitudes and latitudes, sea level, elevation, triangulation, camouflage, not to mention all the mathematical possibilities in calculating distances and the etymology of the word "cache".  I think I might have enjoyed geography and math whole lot more if I’d been taught it this way!
On Sunday, we went to the Takhini Hotsprings (even Jade!), which is now in summer mode – it’s still not as gorgeous as the Liard Hotsprings, but I like the setup a lot more, as the walls surrounding the pools are taken down and one doesn’t get that claustrophobic shut-in feeling!  Michael kept the visitors company on the remainder of their adventures in town, but I was exhausted (probably because I’ve still got the tail-end of a cold) and had a shower in lieu of a nap and then prepared dinner so that we could send our guests off with full stomachs, as they were taking the red-eye flight home to Ontario.  Jenn is a professional cook, so I determined not to be daunted in spite of our poorly stocked fridge and kept in mind what another professional cooking friend of mine once mentioned: sometimes a cook just likes to be cooked for.
It was great seeing Chris and Jenn again (though much too short! I can only use half a brain for conversations these days, so catching up on news takes more time) and getting to know Elliott, who was about 7 last time I met him, and meeting little Kyra for the first time.  It made me look forward to all the fun times we have ahead with Jade… but gosh, I don’t want to think about the end of my mat leave yet!
Thanks for the great times, guys; I know you don’t travel a huge amount, so we were really pleased to be included in your trip out west.  I hope you had enough fun that you’d consider coming back sometime for a longer stay, so we can all really explore this little corner of heaven!

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