Jade Update

22 May
Today was a big day for Jade.  While we were eating breakfast, she was sitting in her rocker chair and she managed to get her fingers around the ring at the bottom of the hanging cow toy; she got the cow to play music all by herself!  Granted, it was probably not on purpose — she got it going a second time as she tried to hold onto the ring and stuff her fingers into her mouth at the same time — but it was still a BIG! moment!  It was an amazing feeling to be eating breakfast and suddenly hear "Old MacDonald" burst out from knee-level.  Unfortunately, the camera was nowhere to be found at the time, so I couldn’t get a shot of the momentous event.
During one of the daytime naps, I decided to try the soother on Jade again.  She’s always rejected it in the past, but during the van ride to Skagway, she was able to fall asleep by sucking on my finger (which she had also been rejecting for the last month).  However, this is a pretty unsafe practice in a vehicle (not to mention impossible when you’re driving) so I thought I’d try the soother again.  And she took it!  Now, I don’t really want her to be dependent on a soother, but I figure this is one step closer to getting her to sleep independently.
Jade also went down for a "nap" at around 8:00 p.m. today, but she’s still sleeping, so I’m wondering if she isn’t actually out for the night.  Last night she slept from 9:45 to 8:00 this morning.  Could she actually be attempting the full 12 hours?

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