Back in WH with Lara

28 May
It was a very quick trip to Fort Liard… or, to be more precise, long days in the car, with bouts of lightening-quick visits in the middle.  I was worried about how difficult things would be with Jade, and the drive did take somewhat longer, but she was really very good considering how much time she spent confined to her car seat.  She learned to sleep through a lot of the driving and now that we’re back home, she’s settled into our previous routine pretty easily.  Once again, she proves how she’s much more resilient than I give her credit for!
We drove to Watson Lake on Tuesday night and stayed in a hotel.  Michael bought some food supplies in the morning and we had breakfast on the road.  We detoured into Fort Nelson and bumped into a few Fort Liard folks at the grocery store.  During a feeding stop on the Liard Highway, several vehicles stopped and familiar faces came out to greet us and welcome us back.  It was great seeing everyone again!  Jade was pretty tired, though — it appears that sleeping in a car is not very restful for her — so she wasn’t exactly friendly and didn’t really want to cuddle anyone except me or Michael.  Although I love it when others want to hold her, I have to admit I don’t dislike the feeling of being number one in my baby’s world!
We stayed with our friends Mike and Melanie, who have a little boy exactly one week younger than Jade.  It was so fun to finally meet him.  He and Jade went into the playpen together and since they’re both in the grabby stage, they ended up holding hands a few times — adorable!
The memorial service for our friend Chubby was on Thursday afternoon.  He died very suddenly of a massive heart attack and was only 54, so it was quite shocking and sad.  Michael and I were really glad we could be there to celebrate his life as everyone remembered him and his wise-cracking ways.  It’s just too bad we weren’t able to stay a bit longer and get a chance to visit and catch up with folks.
Since Michael had to work at 9 a.m. on Saturday (a conference in Whitehorse) we had to drive all the way home on Friday.  Somehow, the longest day of driving seemed fairly easy and pleasant.  We made it home by 10:45 p.m. and Jade went right to bed.
Saturday Michael was in his conference all day.  I tried to help out at the community cleanup, but I couldn’t bend over to pick things up with Jade in the Snugli and no one was in need of a trash carrier, so I spent the day putting the house in a bit of order.  I had already gotten the guest beds ready before leaving on Tuesday, but I discovered that Crook has learned how to push open the guest room door and had made a nice little nest among the pillows while we were away.  This was not a good thing for Lara’s cat allergy!
Lara arrived at 7:30 and we had a nice visit until bedtime. Today’s big adventure was a hike up Grey Mountain and Lara’s introduction to geocaching, but I didn’t go because Jade had just settled in for a nap.  Of course, she woke up about 5 minutes after Michael and Lara left!  Apparently, though, it was very cold at the top of the mountain — Michael told me I was glad I didn’t go.  Interesting how he can tell me how I feel! LOL
The next few days will be very busy, as Lara’s a high-energy gal (despite her allergy medication!) and has so many interests and there’s so much to do in Whitehorse.  All these visitors are a great way for me to get to try them all out!

One Response to “Back in WH with Lara”

  1. Nemmy May 29, 2006 at 3:27 pm #

    I\’m sorry to hear about Chubby. 😦 I didn\’t know him well, but I liked him.

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