Big day for Jade!

1 Jun
Jade had a big day today!  This morning when I put her on her
belly in her crib, she gave a kick and flipped over onto her
back!  I was surprised and excited, but thought it might have been
a fluke, so I put her back on her belly… and she did it again. 
She flipped over 4 times in a row (once to her right instead of her
left) before she got tired of it.  I don’t think she can manage it
from flat on her belly yet, as it’s quite an effort to get up on her
hands from there, but I’m still inordinately proud.

This evening, Michael put Jade on the Ocean Wonders playmat from Gran
(Marian).  It’s been one of the best toys in our house, not just
for Jade, who’s been using it since she was a few weeks old, but also
for the many visiting kids of all ages.  My favourite part of it
is the Octopus in the middle – when you roll the ball he holds it makes
bubbling noises and plays music.  So far, Jade has played a lot
with the bell ball, but tonight she managed to get the octopus
singing!  The first time might have been a fluke, but she did it
four more times in succession, so it seems like she must have it
figured out.

Other milestones this week was actually sucking her thumb to help
herself get to sleep (it didn’t work, though) and going to the pool to
swim in a real pool and put her head underwater for the first time.

Not bad for four months and 2 days!


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