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5 Jun
First an explanation for the lack of activity: it’s been a rough few days here as far as the state of the house is concerned.  Jade’s naps have been 45 minutes in the morning (just enough to eat breakfast, shower, and dress!), 45 minutes around noon (just enough to eat lunch!), and then refusing to nap without being held for the rest of the day.  I don’t know if she’s feeling some teeth gnawing at her gums or if she’s just going through a cuddly phase.  Anyway, I figure this, like everything else, will last for just a few days and then I’ll have something new to worry about.  So, vacuuming and filing and thank you notes (oops!) be damned… at least until next week.
I am sometimes amazed at the connections that get made because of blogging.  Back in January, for example, I was surprised when my doctor told me she had seen my blog.  Even you know total strangers can (and do) visit, it can be strange when it somehow gets back to you.
Jade’s in bed now — for the night, I hope.  I hopped online to get a quick update and thought I’d check out the statistics on my page.  I noticed that one of the page references came from a site called Urban Yukon, so I linked to it to have a look.  It was with great surprise that I learned that I am a member of this network, self-described thusly: "Urban Yukon is a community of the best Yukon-related blogs written on a variety of topicsUrban Yukon is a community of 23 of the best Yukon-related blogs written on a variety of topics including stuff like politics, business, technology, sports, writing, religion, music and lifestyle."
Apparently, I have been a member since June 5, 2006.  Oh wait, that’s today!  How did I join?  One simply needs to e-mail the guy who started the website.  Since I don’t recall doing that today, what with my arms being full of baby, I must conclude that the ghosts in the house have been at work again.
Actually, it’s a pretty neat site, and I don’t mind joining, although I think it might have been a good idea for me to have knowingly become a member.  There are some neat blogs written by Yukoners, and I might never have found out about them otherwise.  Besides, the "About Urban Yukon" page clearly states that you can become a member only if you have great content on your blog — how can I argue with that?  I know I’ve been churning out Pulitzer-worthy stuff when I’ve written about Jade learning how to use both her hands or rolling over for the first time.  It’s fun to think that folks out there other than family and friends might actually read more than one of my posts!
Well, at least if they don’t find my home-with-baby tales entrancing, they can link to Michael’s Meanderings and read about his adventures instead.  I notice that he’s also been a member of Urban Yukon since June 5, 2006.  I wonder if he knows yet?

One Response to “The Blogger’s Network”

  1. Unknown June 6, 2006 at 7:20 am #

    Yep, Michael sent me the links to both of your blogs, and I added them to the ever-growing list.

    I typically undertake a guerilla approach when adding new blogs. Once the new member is active for a few days, I send them an email or post a comment to give the heads up. So far nobody\’s dropped out because of my tactic, although I do admit it\’s a little aggressive. You gotta do what it takes 🙂

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