Where have all the good naps gone?

11 Jun
Well, I was right that the nap thing I described on June 5 would change within a few days.  Jade went from having two 45-minute naps to having almost no naps at all.  Anytime I put her in her crib, she’d wake up within 5 to 10 minutes.  The only way she seems to stay asleep is when, out of sheer exhaustion, I let her latch onto a boob and stay there for an hour as I catch a few winks myself.  It’s also amazing how hard it is to readjust to lack of sleep.  Two months ago, it was great when she got up only twice a night.  After more than a month of getting to sleep through the night, I can no longer handle the interrupted sleep.  As you may have guessed, Jade has resumed waking at night.  I have no clue what’s going on with her sleep, but mine is a mess!
As you can imagine, the state of the house has not improved at all.
It didn’t really help that she got her 4-month vaccinations on Friday.  Although initially she seemed to recover much more quickly this time (going from crying to laughing within 5 minutes of getting her shots) she ended up having a more severe reaction to these shots.  She was fussy for the rest of Friday, and yesterday she actually had a fever, with her temperature climbing up past 38 degrees.  We tried to give her Tempra, but she wouldn’t take it.  Just like her Vitamin D, which I have given up on, she would spit out anything that went into her mouth.  Eventually, it got to the point where literally a single drop would make her gag, then throw up.  We resorted to the cool bath method, and the nurse I phoned told me that if that didn’t work, one can actually get baby Tylenol in suppository form.  I guess Jade’s not the only baby who won’t take her medicine.  (So much for a "spoonful of sugar"…)
I had really been looking forward to going to Haines Junction yesterday to watch Michael play in the Alsek Music Festival with the Big Band, but I had to stay behind because of Jade’s fever.  (However, Michael said he was glad I didn’t go because the tent was full of cigar smoke.  Besides, someone else said they serve alcohol there in the evenings, and I wouldn’t have been allowed to take Jade inside, anyway.)  We spent the day in the cool basement, with Jade wearing only a diaper.  (The fact that it was 28 degrees outside and almost as hot on the main floor of the house wasn’t really helping her.)  Jade’s temperature finally came back down to normal around 11 p.m., but then she wouldn’t go to bed.  At 1:30 in the morning, I finally ended up sleeping with her in the guest room downstairs.
Today was a better day.  It was still hot outside, but we set up the playpen in the shade of a tree, and I put the playmat in it with a bug net over top.  Jade played in there for a while and I was able to get some of my herbs planted.  And she actually had a nap this afternoon!  It was only 45 minutes, but now even that seems like a miracle after nearly a week of no naps at all!  I actually got 3 or 4 dishes washed after I ate my lunch!
Michael was busy with gardening activities all day.  Our big project for gardening is getting rid of the ugly straight and narrow flowerbeds at the front of the yard and replacing it with a more flowing and tiered rock-edged flowerbed.  I’m not much help since I’m lugging the munchkin around, but Michael’s been doing a great job on his own.  I commented that things would go faster if I could help him.  His response was, "Maybe."  Hmm, I have a feeling I should be feeling insulted about that!

One Response to “Where have all the good naps gone?”

  1. Nemmy June 12, 2006 at 5:05 am #

    Hehehe… Michael. Always knows what to say. *wink* Glad munchkin is feeling better… and thanks for the call this weekend. Sorry haven\’t had a chance to return it. Miss ya!

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