Yet another posting about sleep

12 Jun
Yes, sleep becomes such an important topic when one has a baby.  (That, and bodily functions…)
I am overjoyed to report that Jade had a ONE-HOUR NAP today before lunch!  She also had a shorter nap while I was taking an infant First Aid course in the afternoon.  AND THEN, she had a THREE-HOUR NAP in the early evening!  Wow!  I got ALL the dishes done and even wrote some thank you cards!  I’m excited!  I’m over-punctuating this posting!
I just let her have the long nap in the evening depsite misgivings about it disturbing her night-time sleep.  Since she hasn’t slept for a solid night for a week anyway, I figured if she gets up tonight, it won’t be any different, and at least she’ll have had some good sleep behind her. 
Last night Jade got me up at 1:30, 2:30, and 5:30.  They say that an over-tired baby (read, one who doesn’t have naps during the day) won’t sleep well through the night, so maybe, just maybe the curse is broken and she might actually sleep tonight.
The ladies at the First Aid class all mentioned that their babies have had trouble sleeping this week; many of them blamed it on the hot weather we’ve been having (28 degrees for the past three days — thank goodness it’s not humid around here), though it wasn’t really that warm when Jade started all this last week.  One of the moms joked that she must’ve been doing it in anticipation of the heat.  So now I have a prescient baby.
Well, it’s getting close to midnight and I hear the washing machine finishing up, so I’ll pop the diapers into the dryer and head off to bed.  (And we’ll see how long I get to stay there!)

One Response to “Yet another posting about sleep”

  1. Nemmy June 14, 2006 at 5:06 pm #

    Good luck, big sis.

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