For want of a rhubarb custard tart, a day was lost ~OR~ I hope I can blame this on hormones

20 Jun
While on our camping trip, we had a couple of great rhubarb tarts, courtesy of Philippe and Amanda.  (And the nifty propane oven in the cabin!)  It inspired me to finally harvest some of our rhubarb before it gets too tough.  I was all set to make a rhubarb custard tart but was stopped short because of a lack of eggs.  (I used them up on the omelettes we made at camp on Sunday morning.)  To say that I was disappointed would be grossly understating the situation.
Michael’s gone to get eggs now (aww, how sweet!), but the fact that I’ve been waiting all day to finish the tart has me all out of sorts (aww, how stupid!).  Michael even made supper and I wasn’t at all excited because all I could think about was rhubarb tarts.  It’s amazing how such a small thing can become so important when you’ve been waiting on a baby all day.  Or maybe I’m just particularly difficult.
Even if I have to wait until midnight to take a bite of rhubarb tart, you can bet it’s going to get done today!

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