D’oh! Why didn’t we bring the camera?!

26 Jun
Today was a busy day.  I attended a mommy’s group at a neighbour’s house and met some new moms; that is, they were new to me, though most of the kids are over a year old.  Since the weather was nice, we sat outside and ate and watched the toddlers run around.
When Jade and I got home, I knew she was a bit hungry (she’d tried to feed from one of the other mothers who was holding her!), so we thought we’d give the new oatmeal and rice baby cereal a try.  (Yes, normally one introduces a single food at a time, but Michael didn’t realize this was a "compound" food and I figured if she reacts to it, we’d know it was the cereal, anyway.)  Jade’s first solid meal went alright.  She seemed somewhat interested in the new taste, but was distracted by other things going on around her (like Nanuq and Crook; I admit I was pretty distracted when Crook tried to sample the cereal).  Jade doesn’t yet have the dexterity in her tongue to efficiently move food from the front of her mouth to the back.  I’m not even sure how much of it got into her stomach.  Anyway, at least she didn’t react to the food like she does to her vitamin D drops!
Not long after that, Jade actually went down for a nap.  Hooray!  (I don’t think this had anything to do with the cereal, but I mention it since I’ve been complaining about the lack of naps.)
During suppertime, we placed Jade on a blanket on the floor for a change from her swing and rocking chair.  She rolled to her side and back and kicked her legs around until she had pivoted herself from her initial position to almost 180 degrees the other direction (her head being the pivot point).  She’s getting so mobile, we really have to start thinking about more serious babyproofing.
After the supper dishes were done, we decided to go down to the Robert Service Campground for a walk.  As we started out, CBC radio was on and the show was discussing the presence of RVs in the parking lot at Wal-Mart.  We decided to detour over there for a look-see.  It was incredible.  The parking lot is practically jam-packed with RVs. We wished (not for the last time this evening) that we had remembered to bring the camera with us.
Having witnessed the miracle of gas-guzzler’s paradise, we made our way to the campground, where I managed to transfer a sleeping Jade (another nap – hooray!) from car seat to stroller without waking her.  Since we had forgotten to bring Nanuq’s leash, Michael fashioned one out of the rope he always keeps in the car.  He wasn’t thrilled about it, but it worked.
Partway down the trail, we stopped to watch a kayaking class on the Yukon River.  There was a little bird sitting on a branch above me and chirping away, and I mentioned it to Michael.  Some passers-by heard me talking about the bird and pointed out a bird’s nest back a little way on the trail.  We backtracked and were amazed to see a bird’s nest built right at eye level and so close to the trail, we literally could have reached out and grabbed the mother bird who was sitting in it.  It’s a good thing there is such a thing as camouflage!  We dearly wished we had the camera with us then – who ever gets to take pictures of a nesting bird at such close range?
We continued along the well-used trail.  So many people were out jogging, biking, or just strolling along like we were.  There were a couple of folks on three-wheeled contraptions that are "pedalled" with one’s hands and Michael commented that one of them competes in the Paralympics.  Another guy came along on rollerblades, pushing a wheelchair.  We watched a couple of whitewater canoers miscalculate some waves and tip their canoe… and then their spectacular recovery.  We saw the skateboard park being well-used by over 30 skateboarders.  Whitehorse really is a vibrant city!
On the way back toward the car, an acquaintance stopped to say hello and mentioned there was an eagle’s nest at a parking area near the end of our loop.  We stopped to look and sure enough, we could see a mother eagle busily feeding something, probably fish, to her little one.  We even got a glimpse of the eaglet.  We saw another bald eagle being chased by a seagull.  We again wished for our camera.
So, you don’t get to see all the neat things we got to see today, but there are a few new pictures in the "Summertime Jade" album, including the ones from her first meal.

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