July Update

6 Jul
We’re still not doing too well on the sleeping front but otherwise have been doing pretty well.  We’ve been busy tidying the house for our first guests in over a month: Peter and Rachelle from Victoria!  They arrived last night and we’ve already packed tons of activities into their visit. 
We had a good hike/walk in the greenbelt last night after our quesadilla dinner.  Today we saw the Longest Days Street Fair, had lunch at the Cranberry Bistro, did a little shopping, did a historical walking tour of Whitehorse (where we all get very wet, as the weather went from +25 and sunny to pouring rain!), visited the Fireweed Market and drove by some more local landmarks before checking out Miles Canyon and THEN coming home to a game of Munchkin.  Whew!
Rachelle successfully charmed Jade.  She’s been "making strange" lately: she’s happy to laugh and sputter at everyone, but if anyone but Michael or I holds her, she starts bawling.  Except for Rachelle.  Jade bounced happily in her lap for more than an hour last night.  Crook and Nanuq have also been enjoying the extra attention from both Peter and Rachelle.
Other pieces of news that probably deserve separate postings, but I don’t have the time right now: 1) the house in Fort Liard has now officially been sold (wow!), and 2) we will be going to attend a wedding in the Dominican Republic (via Ottawa) in early December.
I’ve added a few new pictures (well, they’re several days old, but they’ve just been put up) in the new album "Summertime Jade II".

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