We have our messy house back to ourselves

12 Jul
We always tidy up our house before guests arrive, but somehow we can’t manage to ever keep it that way.  So now that Peter and Rachelle are gone, the place is of course back to a shambles again.
We had a really great visit with Peter and Rachelle; we always love having people visit, but some visitors require more energy and others are more relaxing to have around.  This visit definitely fell into the fun and relaxing category.  Peter did dishes and Rachelle was always ready to play fun games with Jade (I tried to convince Rachelle to stay on as a nanny to Jade).  They were both always game to have adventures but also had quiet downtime just reading or chatting, so life felt balanced.   
This was our first opportunity to meet Peter, although they’ve been married a couple of years now; he’s such a fun guy and perfect for Rachelle. (I knew as soon as the "XL Goat" and the "Cloak of Indivisibility" appeared on my grocery list on the fridge – LOL!)   I know she doesn’t need my approval, but ‘Chelle, I’m just so happy for you!  We’re looking forward to having you both back to Whitehorse sometime soon!

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