Jade Update

13 Jul
Jade has a few new tricks these days.  For one, she now loves grabbing her foot (usually her left) and stuffing her toes into her mouth.  She hasn’t actually been sucking on them, but seems to enjoy being able to get all twisted up like that.  Her sitting skills are also really improving; she can even manage a few seconds in a disposable diaper now, and yesterday we had her first "sitting up" bath, which was much easier than trying to keep her lying down.  She splashed the top of the water in excitement and made grabs for the washcloth and rubber ducky.  Today we discovered that Jade can inch herself forward on her belly.  She pulls with her hands and elbows and pushes with her feet and knees and can move herself (slowly!) from one end of her crib to the other.
Jade had another first today, a not-so-fun one.  I put her down on my bed while I was getting dressed and somehow there happened to be a wasp on it.  Her poor little hand got stung (the palm side, just under her ring finger) and did she howl!  I immediately took her outside and found a wild rose bush.  The crushed leaves and petals will relieve a wasp or bee sting.  She’s got a small red bump at the site of the bite, but otherwise it’s okay; she doesn’t even seem to notice it.  The nurse I talked to suggested keeping some Benadryl handy because usually it takes at least two exposures to an allergen to develop a reaction, so if she ever gets bitten again, we’ll have to watch her carefully.
Well, maybe the trauma of it all will help her sleep tonight…!

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