Bookity Books

14 Jul
These last couple of days have been bookworm days for me.  Jade nursed a lot yesterday and had some good long feeds/naps today, too, and in that time I managed to finish off "Treasure Island" (a long-neglected classic), read straight through "Like Water for Chocolate" (I never saw the movie and didn’t know what to expect — loved it!), and polish off about 2/3 of "Coastliners" (from the author of "Chocolat", a movie I greatly enjoyed). 
It’s been such a luxury of my maternity leave to be able to spend time reading without feeling guilty.  At other times, I know I should be doing other things, but when I’m feeding Jade, I can just sit and look at her (which I frequently do), or I can talk to someone, or I can read. 
And maybe, just maybe, it will give Jade good associations with books.

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