A Scrappin’ Good Day

17 Jul
The days are long when Michael’s away.  They’re especially long when I have no vehicle; that’s when the fact that I technically live in suburbia hit home.  It’s a long walk to downtown when you’re carrying an extra 14-1/2 lbs (and that’s just Jade).  Not that I’ve actually tried it yet.  The need to walk the dog and look after the greenhouse and get myself fed on top of hauling around a 5-month-old who won’t nap just kind of take precedence.
Yesterday, I got a bit of a break by going across the street to Tom and Tammy’s house and let them cuddle Jade for a bit.  Today, my friend Janet came and picked me up and brought me to her house for an afternoon of scrapbooking.  Beside’s Janet, there were two other moms there, so it was social time for the babies, too.  This was my first chance to get my scrapbooking materials out since, umm, well, before we moved to Whitehorse, anyway.  Now I admit, we didn’t all get a terrible lot done, but we made a start; the ladies were all excited about all the tools I brought (thank you, Creative Memories!), and we plan to get together again, this time at my house, on Tuesday.  It’s so much fun to be getting back into it, and it’s even better to be doing it with friends!
The babies had fun; something about having other babies around seems to keep them entertained for that much longer.  When I arrived at Janet’s, I was remarking to the other ladies that Jade still doesn’t roll over, even though I’m sure she can, since she can sit up independently now.  On the rare occasion when she does go from her back almost all the way to her front, she keeps her arm pinned under her.  Well, that’s what I said.  Wouldn’t you know, she went and made a liar of me.  I don’t know if she was learning from the boys or if Janet’s floor was just the right hardness/softness for it, but she went rolling over from her back to her front at least a dozen times while we were there.  And she even got her arm out from under her. 
Strangely, she gets stuck on her front and gets frustrated — most babies learn to roll from front to back first and get stuck on their backs!  Anyway, I know she has managed to flip the other way by herself at least once, so she’ll get there soon.

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