Drowning in greens

27 Jul
This spring, Michael and I purchased a half-share in a "Community Supported Agriculture" program.  We paid some money up-front to a local farmer, and every week from the beginning of July until the end of September, we get a share of the harvest, whatever happens to be ready.  It’s a great program because it supports a local business, gets us fresh organically-grown produce, reduces the impact on the environment because it doesn’t have to be transported, and gives us a chance to try out veggies we might not otherwise ever get.
The first things that tend to be ready to harvest are greens.  One just has to peek into the garden Michael planted to see that we have tons of romaine and leaf lettuce ready to eat.
Last week, our CSA share consisted of a pound of spinach, a pound of chard, a head of lettuce, and a bunch of mezuna (which I had never even heard of before).  I don’t know about you folks out there, but much as I love my vegetables, that is a lot of greens for one person to consume in a week.  And Nanuq wasn’t too interested in helping me out.
Thank goodness some new veggies are finally starting to mature.  This weeks CSA share included a bunch of cilantro and a package of stir-fry veggies, as well as spring greens and a head of "Butter Crunch" lettuce.  Thank goodness Jim and Marian arrive tomorrow so they can start eating salad!

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