Random Thoughts on August 1

1 Aug
Jade and I are both mostly over our colds.  The baby even had a pretty decent nap this afternoon, which I figure is a good sign that she was able to breathe just fine.  I’m hoping that tonight will be a better night than the last two.
We’ve just harvested our sixth zuchinni from the greenhouse.  I should probably use the three that are now in our fridge in something healthy, but I am very tempted to turn them into a chocolate zuchinni cake.
Jade eagerly ate her bowl of baby cereal today.  I think I will let her try carrots tomorrow, and spent part of her nap today preparing them.  I’ve frozen the excess in an ice cube tray, so if she’s not ready for them, I can use them down the road.  Or, of course, if she really hates them, I can toss them into some soup.
Michael got our unused garden bed weeded out today.
Nanuq actually snuggled up to Jade in the yard this afternoon.  Jade was thrilled.  We got some cute photos out of it, which will be posted here sometime in the next few days.
Jade just tried to eat some nasturtiums.  She’s getting downright grabby.  Good thing they’re actually edible flowers.
Yep, just another day as a mom.

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