Jade stands up!

6 Aug
Another big first for Jade today.  I sat her up in her crib after a diaper change and turned on her mobile while I went to wash my hands.  When I got back she was facing the front of the crib and had grabbed onto the rails and was pulling on them.  She soon realized that she could propel herself by doing this and started to pull herself up.  Having just grabbed the vertical rails, she was only able to pull herself to her knees, but she was extremely proud of herself, and Marian and I praised her mightily.
A moment later, she grabbed the top rail and it didn’t take her long to figure out how to pull herself into standing.  What a huge accomplishment!  You could see how proud she was of herself in her huge, gummy smile and giggles.
She did it again this afternoon and I managed to capture it on the camera (albeit fuzzily).  I think we have to think about lowering the mattress of the crib soon.  I hate to think what this will mean for her sleep, since all the books say that big developmental accomplishments often cause sleep disturbances.  And just when I thought we might be making some progress!

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