6-Month Well-Baby Checkup

11 Aug
Jade had her 6-month checkup today; it was the first time Dr. Ikeji had seen her since she was a week old.
Jade is doing very well and is turning out, at least for now, to be of the same body type as her dad.  Her weight (15 lbs. 3 oz.) falls in the 25th percentile for girls her age (that is, 75% of baby girls her age weigh more than her).  Her length, on the other hand, is above the 90%, meaning more fewer than 10% of girls her age are taller than her.  Wow!
Dr. Ikeji also told me I should be feeding Jade cereal three times a day, plus veggies in between, as well as breast-feeding her.  My goodness!  She was only getting two meals of solids a day!  It seems I’ll be spending pretty much my whole life feeding her until she can manage finger foods.  But maybe, just maybe, she’ll start to sleep better if she has more solids…
After getting home from the doctor’s office, I decided to make Jade some cereal, which Marian fed to her.  She downed it so quickly that I made up a cube of sweet potato for her, and she inhaled that as well.  I made another serving of cereal and she had a bit of that before she was done.  Goodness, it seems I’ve been starving my baby!  Actually, it seems she’s just a lot more ready for food in the past couple of weeks — before that, she hardly ever finished the cereal I made her.  I just didn’t realize how ready she was!  After her lunch, she crashed out for a nap, and has been napping for an hour now, which for her is fantastic.
Jade’s already had carrots and sweet potatoes, and tomorrow she’ll be starting on peas.  (I hope the peas don’t make her diapers smell as bad as the sweet potatoes do!)  On second thought, I might delay the peas for a day or two, since Michael and his parents have left for a quick trip to Ross River and I know Michael wants to watch her expression when she first tries the peas.  Jade also tried a string been a few nights ago because, like her fry experience, that’s what kept her entertained during supper.  They were well-cooked previously frozen green beans, and she sucked the innards out of them with relish.  (Not the condiment kind.)
Well, speaking of babies, I think I hear that munchkin now.

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