Yes, I’m still here (and sleeping!)

18 Aug
Sorry for the lapse in posts.  Jade and I have been working on a new schedule, and her sleep is getting much better — hurray!  This leaves me with more time for me, and yet there have been so many things to get done that blogging hasn’t been one of them.
Michael’s wonderful parents, Jim and Marian (also known as "Gran" and "Buddy") wound up their trip earlier this week.  On their last day, Marian told me to call Wal-Mart to see if they had any Exer-Saucers in stock; Jade’s at the right stage for one and but there weren’t any to be found in town.  When I called on Tuesday, though, the Wal-Martian said, "Yes, we have two that just came in on the truck."  Marian and Jade and I rushed down and snatched on right up. 
Back at home, everyone except Jade had a hand in assembling the new toy, even Jim, who usually doesn’t seem to enjoy such activities!  Jade really enjoyed exploring all the toys in her new spot and I love that she gets to exercise her legs without my having to hold her up all the time.  Also that I can leave her for a couple of minutes to, say, use the toilet, and not worry about hearing a "thud" as she moves from sitting to all fours and crashes her head into the floor.
Gran and Buddy were to catch the 7:30 flight to Vancouver, but they called us shortly after the flight was supposed to have left.  The plane had mechanical problems (an issue with a pin in the door that didn’t allow it to close properly) and they ended up staying in Whitehorse until 2:00 a.m.!  Michael drove down to the airport and spent a couple of extra hours visiting with them before they went.  They’re now safe and sound home in Ottawa.  Thanks for the great visit, Jim and Marian!
Jade’s growth has meant a few changes around here.  First, while Marian was here, she helped me lower the crib mattress to the next position.  Now Jade can still pull herself to standing when the drop-side is lowered, but she won’t be falling out in the middle of the night.  Two days ago I decided I’d better look up the height restrictions on her car seat.  Lo and behold, it seems she reached the height limit (66 cm) last month!  Oops.  So yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a new convertible car seat that should work for her until she’s a few years old.  (I noticed, by the way, that Wal-Mart was again out of stock on Exer-Saucers.)
Yestereday was also the day for Jade’s 6-month vaccinations.  She took them very well, hardly crying at all.  She was too distracted to nurse during the procedure this time, so she sat on my lap like the big girl that she is.  I’m happy to report that she also didn’t get a fever this time.  I think the fact that she is sleeping better, as well as the fact that she is willing to take her new white-grape-flavoured Tylenol(TM) have been helpful.  Still, I’m glad that we don’t have to go back for more shots until she’s a year old.
That’s about it for now.  I’ve got more pictures to put up, but I think I’ll save that for another day.

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