7-Month-Old Chic Crawling Teether?

2 Sep
On Wednesday, Jade officially turned 7 months old.  Yesterday, at 7 months and 2 days, Jade might have had a red-letter day, but we’re not sure.  All we know is that Michael saw Jade on all fours in the corner of her playmat.  He put a few dishes in the dishwasher and when he looked at her again, she was in the middle of her playmat (a whole Jade-length away!) and she was still on all fours.  Up to now her mobility has been limited to pushing herself backwards on her tummy, so the fact that she had moved forward was exciting.  Not to mention the fact that she might actually have CRAWLED for the first time and we missed it!  Instead of being proud of herself, though, she was getting more and more upset as she looked at us, hunched over on all fours.  Not sure if she was just exhausted from the exertion or if she was getting cranky because of some bothersome tooth trying to make an appearance. 
The trouble is, any little thing that goes wrong at this age gets blamed on teething, just like everything gets blamed on colic in the early months.  Yes, apparently Jade has been teething for three months.  Note the sardonic tone.
Yesterday was also exciting because our neighbour’s daughter’s boyfriend’s boss’s wife (ha!) had a pile of baby clothes that she didn’t want and it got filtered down to us.  Apparently, she went crazy shopping for clothes (and also got hand-me-downs from other folks) thinking she was going to be having a baby girl but got surprised with a boy.  So we got to benefit to the tune of three garbage-bags-full!  There are some things that are too small for Jade, but the majority is sized 12 to 24 months, so there’s plenty for her to grow into and a very good amount of things that will fit her right now.  This is fantastic because the rapidly-stretching kid is starting to grow out of many of her staples.  (I had to retire a pair of her footed pants because the waist of the pants only came partway up her hips!)  That’s one of the really fabulous things about being a mom in Whitehorse — there aren’t tons of places to go shopping, but people pass things around. 
Of course, having two grandmothers who love to shop for baby stuff really helps, too!

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  1. Sílvia October 1, 2006 at 11:04 am #

    Hi!!! You have a very nice page!! ^^
    Kisses from Spain*

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