Rosy-kneed sitter

3 Sep
I’m so glad I installed the baby gate at the top of the basement stairs two weeks ago ’cause Jade is quickly becoming more and more mobile.  Her knees, when she goes down for naps, are all red from the exertion of being on all fours and attempting to propel herself forward.  Today she managed to get from all fours to a sitting position.  Neither Michael nor I saw it, but our guest (Martina from Fort Simpson) told us about it.  Jade didn’t seem to think she had done anything spectacular and sat busily munching on one of her shoes (which Michael had taken off her and left on her playmat).  To me, though, this is a big deal because it means she can get herself out of her most frustrating position (being on her tummy) even though she continues to refuse to roll over.  She can go from tummy to all fours to bum, and when you can do that, well… what else is there?

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