Jade, meet bottle (again) and other stuff

6 Sep
We reintroduced the bottle to Jade last week; I had originally given up the idea because she’s getting big enough to use a cup now, but then I got a call from my boss to remind me that there is a course on this week that I wanted to take.  (Somehow I thought it was later…)  Since the course runs from 8 to 4 for three days, I’m missing some of Jade’s feeds, so we figured we’d better see if she’d take a bottle.  (She’s not good enough at drinking from a cup yet.)  Anyway, she took to it like a duck to water and even enjoys holding it herself.  It was a big day for me today, being at the course and leaving her for so long.  I came home at lunchtime and Michael had had a rough morning, but the house was still standing and everything, so I should be able to finish out the course, at least!
I’m really enjoying the course, which is about business analysis.  Thank goodness it’s interesting material, or I would have fallen asleep, being in a small and stuffy room after having 5 a.m. wake-up call today.  (Jade’s got a rash on her face and her bum and is cranky and won’t let me stick my finger in her mouth, although she never ever objected to that before — might she actually be getting a tooth now?!)
Also, Michael has me working on some stuff for him because he’s got so much to do right now.  I’m just unofficially helping him out, of course, but there’s still a deadline, and it’s tighter than originally planned.  I don’t know how I’m going to survive the rest of this week!  I just hope Jade has a good night tonight because I won’t be able to get to bed until late and I don’t think I can stand another early wake-up call.  (But, of course, when one is forced to stand something, one finds a way…)
With that, I had better get to work.

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