Invest in word pedantry

9 Sep
Sometimes life is just such a surprise.  I came home from my course the other evening and collected the mail on my way in the door.  Flyers, bills, and one small envelope of a much more interesting nature.  Hand-written address.  Greeting-card sized.  Upon opening it, I discovered a cheque.  The message said:
Although your blog post Aug 29 2006 states "It doesn’t pay to be a word pedant," I would like to assure you that it definitely does, and I can prove it.
Please find enclosed a cheque for word pedantry, and continue the good work.
I won’t say how much the cheque was for, other than to say that it ended with two zeroes and it would probably cost the sender more in fees to have it cashed than it is actually made out for.  Anyway, I think I might have to have it framed in memory of the good laugh it gave me and the continue chuckles it invokes.
Thank you, Peaeater!

One Response to “Invest in word pedantry”

  1. Jennifer September 10, 2006 at 6:58 pm #

    Hey Fawn. I am reading mother bloggers across Canada and came across your wonderful blog. Keep up the great work. I would have preferred to email you so that I\’m not engaging in shameless url promotion but could not find your email address! Just wanted to drop you a line so you don\’t wonder who the lurker is from Toronto.

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