Solids! Crawling!

9 Sep
Hey there, strangers.  It’s been a crazy week and I can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, with deadlines looming on this stuff I’m doing for Michael, but I just had to take a moment to let you know about Jade’s feats today.
We’ve been trying to give her some chunkier food lately (sweet potatoes and carrots mashed with a potato masher instead of blended) and she’s getting the hang of it now.  It helps that I figured out I have to put a smaller amount in her mouth so that she can have some room in there for gumming and mashing.  Today I decided to give her some bits of a very ripe banana (she’s only ever had mashed and liquified banana before).  She seemed to enjoy it immensely, happy to eat more of it even after she had tired of her sweet potato and carrot combo.  At dinnertime, we gave her a floret of broccoli and she loved picking it up and oh-so-independently bringing it to her mouth.  After her supper, she went down on her playmat in the kitchen while Michael and I had dinner with Granny and Pop (who arrived yesterday, by the way).  After playing for a while, she crawled from her playmat over to Michael’s chair (wow!) and more or less asked to be picked up.  She sat on his lap as he finished his ham, which she tried to grab.  So we gave her another floret of broccoli, which she partially ate, although I found lots of disintegrated bits on the floor.
It was, indeed, a big day for Jade.

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