Ready for bed

12 Sep
Well today has been a pretty long day, although an exciting one.
First off, I am proud to say that today I polished off the two proposals I have been working on for Michael.  Hurrah!  They may need a bit of revision before final submission is made, but I shouldn’t need to put in more than an hour or two.  At least I hope so, or I haven’t done a good job.  And what a lot of work to do to have done a lousy job!
The morning started off early, with Jade up at 5:30.  However, she was in a good mood, so it didn’t seem to matter too much.  After her diaper change and getting out of pajamas, we headed into the kitchen for breakfast.  As I was preparing her cereal, she crawled from her playmat over to the dog food and took a few kibbles in each hand.  Of course, the next destination was going to be her mouth, but I got to her in time.  I had the fortune of catching this on Pop’s video camera!
I got some great work done during Jade’s 2-hour morning nap.  Her afternoon nap came an hour late and lasted only an hour, but she was in a good mood the whole time she was awake — it was amazing.  No cranky tired baby today! 
We decided to do some shopping in the afternoon.  I had mentioned that my bottom has been getting pretty tired from so much sitting in the wooden nursing rocker in Jade’s room, so Granny insisted we had to go look in some furniture stores for some more comfortable alternatives.  I fell in love with a red stuffed rocker that is far too expensive and probably too big for the room (if only it hadn’t been red, I might never had sat in it!) and tried out some more traditional gliders, too.  However, I need some time to digest the options before making a decision.  I just can’t spontaneously spend that much money on a piece of furniture!
Granny and Pop really enjoyed the Klondike Rib & Salmon BBQ restaurant on Sunday, so while we were at the grocery store we spontaneously decided to go there again.  We picked up some baby food and headed to the restaurant, where Jade promptly demolished a half a large jar of sweet potatoes and some strained bananas.  What I don’t understand is why the jar was labelled as "Stage 3" food for babies 8 months and up; the stuff I made for her at home is far chunkier than this stuff and I’m sure she could have handled it even last month.  Sheesh, people who baby their babies…
Anyway, after the canned food, Jade had herself another fry, as well as several chunks of fish from my fish and chips.  Michael, Pop, Granny and I all enjoyed our food, too.  Jade made herself so charming that all the wait staff had to come over and coo at her.  We all left the restaurant feeling full and satisfied and very lucky.
If I sign off now, I might actually get to bed soon, so here I go.

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